When pets get left behind...tear

This blog is coming from an experience I had that really pushed my buttons. Responsibility of pet owners during the home sale process.
Let me start by saying I am a pet owner, they are my four legged children (Sister, pictured above, is my little princess!).  When I tell a seller that the pet towers or dog beds need to be put away for open house I know how difficult it is to hear. When I suggest you have a family member look after the animal during the process of listing your home or if you can afford it put your baby in doggy/kitty day care( there are lots of great ones in our area), it is so that in all the excitement of people coming and going accidents do not happen for the pets safety as well as the previewers.
Seriously, if listing your property, take pets with you when you go, board them, ask a reliable friend or neighbor to help, call a rescue organization if you cannot handle a pet any longer. Under no circumstances leave your pet behind when you leave your home to go live somewhere else, why do I even have to say this?
I was taking a client our to see property and we walked into this beautiful renovated luxury home. Everything was shiny and new. In the back door was a pet door, closed and locked. Oh my client said that was convenient for the pet to come and go, both being animal friendly we began to swap pet stories.  All of a sudden we heard this loud knocking coming from the back. We followed the noise and sitting at the patio door was  a beautiful cat, obviously alone for an extended period of time,not fed or watered, meowing to get in to its home. (TEAR) Honestly you could feel the pain this kitty felt emotionally being left behind.
Checking with a neighbor it seems the cat belonged to previous owners who had to move suddenly and the current owners had agreed to care for the cat.  The current owners in their new home had left the cat as it conveys with the house.  Such a beautiful animal surely anyone would want him, another neighbor was supposed to be feeding the cat until the house sold, obviously not feeling much obligation to do so. The neighbor I spoke to was interested in adopting the cat if necessary!

The sad thing is the original owners thought they left their cat in good hands, the second owners thought they left their cat in good hands, Noone actually was taking any responsibility to care for this animal during the curent sale of this property. Please be sure the people you leave your pets with are prepared in terms of responsibility, time and money to care for your pets! Have a back up plans or at least leave a bag of food and a note that reads feel free to feed my kitty he's on the back porch and loves people...

So, my client was on the edge of tears at that point, we fed the cat and alerted the neighbor to the animals needs which are now being met. 

When selling your home this is not how you want perspective owners to preview the property or think of you. If you love your animal take it with you,  get it boarded or adopted by a non kill organization like Hart. REALLY THERE ARE PROFESSIONALS WHO HELP IN SITUATIONS LIKE THIS!!!!. It is heart breaking.